Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy First Mother's Day, Anastasia!

We've had a lot of visitors lately, so we "officially" celebrated Mother's Day a week late this year. It was Anastasia's first Mother's Day, so I tried to make it interesting by wrapping her gift in paper I printed with images of Jasper all over it.

Best misuse of company resources ever!

Now for some more photos of our favorite little monster...

Having a staring contest with Daddy...

Jasper loves Mama...                                                                    Pass the remote, yo!

Cuddle time with Dad...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Visitors and Donuts!

We had a week of visitors followed by a few days of appointments. Mother's Day was celebrated twice in there too. Oh and, as of May 14th, Jack and I have been married for six years! I am too tired to go over everything tonight, but I must say that the visits and both of my Mother's Day celebrations were wonderful. Tomorrow Jack and I will celebrate our anniversary. Here are some pictures from the week of visitors:

Jack's Dad and step mom met Jasper in early May. Molly and Rick joined them to babysit for our first date night since we became parents. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was nice to get away for a little bit and have some Jack and Stasia time.

  My brother and his girlfriend visited as well. Here they are holding little Jasper.

We spent Mother's Day visiting with my parents and grandma over google video-chat, then heading to a bookstore, grabbing a bite to eat, and finally walking through Cal Anderson Park. Here we are at the park.

Jasper and I met Bryan and Katie at Top Pot Doughnuts a few hours before they departed. I love the 5th Ave location almost as much as I love their doughnuts. For the record, I prefer the spelling, "donuts".

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jasper is One Month Old!

Yesterday we were a little surprised to realize that we have been parents for one month. I took a few pictures of Jasper with this cute sticker on his shirt. I couldn't decide between two pictures, so I'll post both.

He has a funny look on his face here, maybe he is a little surprised at turning a month old too. Or is it apprehension? Being one moth old does come with a lot of responsibility you know.

Here is Jasper with dad. He is starting to look a little chunky, hooray!