Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jasper Visits Dada at Work

I had a nice surprise visit at work today by Anastasia, Jasper, and my sister Molly. Jasper took a little tour of the office, then we all went out to lunch at Kell's in Post Alley. 

"Okay Dada, this is all wrong. You don't have a single Elmo on this drawing."

 "We can fix that pretty easily though. Good thing I'm here. Now, you just hit this button over here and..."

"...whoops. Um, I.T. can recover those files right? Gotta go!"

 "Hello. May I scan those for you?"

"This will never go through. It's folded up all weird. How did this place ever get anything done before I got here?"

"Okay, well, my work here is done. See ya!" 

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Tour of Our New Home by Jasper

Oh Hello. What great timing you have, I am just finishing some blueberries and cereal. Let me show you around my new home.

Come with me!
This is the dining room. I spend quite a bit of time in this room, in this chair (sigh).

This is the kitchen. I have personally opened each of the lower cabinets and have confirmed they all work.

Here we have the living room. The windows are just low enough for me to be able to look outside and keep an eye on birds, neighbors, and airplanes.

Alright, now we can see my room! I have more space which I really like.
Here is the office, my parents still need to sort through things and get organized. I need to talk to my mom about this photo--it's quite dark.

This is my Mom and Dad's room. It's super boring. They need to pick out a window covering, get some pictures on me on the walls, and buy some bedroom furniture. 

Mom and Dad's bathroom is looking pretty good. There is also the main bathroom, but we don't have a picture of that. It's just a bathroom, you aren't missing much.

This is the deck off of the kitchen and a view of the yard. Oh, Hi Annabelle! Our dog has to be tied up right now, but my dad is working on a fence so she can roam around the yard soon. And you can see the water table my aunt and uncle gave me for my first birthday. I love that toy!

Soon the gravel and garden will become a lawn for me to run around on. My parents have a lot of work to do back here.

Now let's head downstairs. I am getting very good at the stairs by the way.

Here is the guest room where my grandparents stay when they visit!

The guest bathroom.

And can you believe I have a huge playroom? This is pretty cool, it features an ABC mat given to me by my grandma and a railroad activity table my parents found at a garage sale. I find many more toys down here too.

Here's a view from the driveway. You may notice a little blue blowup whale--that is a sprinkler for hot summer days. I gave it a lukewarm, somewhat suspicious reception, so my parents will try again later.

And here is a view from the street. 

This concludes the tour! Did you enjoy my presentation?

Come back any time!