Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back at Preschool

Between doctor visits, parent orientation for preschool, and swim lessons for Jasper, I have been super busy. I caught a cold from Jasper and although he was able to get over it quickly, it's hanging on for me. Today Jack stayed home from work and gave me a sick day. What a guy! He took Jasper to his first day back to preschool and I had a morning nap.
Jasper's preschool is so fun for him, it is just one day a week and focuses on play for the kids and parent education for the adults. It's a great little community.
A funny smile...
Jumping on the mats. This is a favorite activity.
Snack time with teacher Jan.
This year the kids have outside time. Jasper is really into riding a balance bike. I'm so glad they have these for the kids.
In other news, there has been a move to a "big boy bed". It hasn't been easy, Jasper loves the freedom a little too much. Still, I am proud of him. When I ask him who sleeps in the crib, he says, "Baby."
I am 30 weeks into my pregnancy, it's hard to believe we will have another baby in the house soon! Now that summer is winding down, Jack and I are looking to get the kids' rooms set up. I'm sure there will be more updates in the weeks to come.