Monday, June 30, 2014

Photos from Molly and Rick's Wedding

I think I have nice collection of wedding pictures here. Having three of us in the wedding and traveling to the location took plenty of prep work, but it was worth it!

I was escorted down the aisle by a handsome ring bearer.

He was not really prepared for standing for so long, but Jasper did great!

Jack performed the ceremony.

We met the newest family member, Tony. Joe would have loved to nom on his hands. These two are about two months apart.

Smiley Joe.

Jasper had a chance to show off some dance moves, mostly running around, flapping his arms.

Family picture!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Joe is 7 Months Old

Here is Joe at 7 months. He's rolling around any chance he gets and is doing pretty well at sitting.


It's lookng like he will be crawling soon!

Our family had an exciting weekend, Jack's sister got married. Jack, Jasper, and I were all in the wedding. I wasn't able to take many pictures, so I am still collecting them from others to share. Here is one for now. Jasper was the ring bearer and Jack performed the ceremony.

I guess we wore ourselves out having such a good time because now we are all sick with a cold. Jack stayed home yesterday and went in to work late today. Here are my sick boys. That little smiley baby is holding up pretty well.