Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stuff We've Been Doing Lately

A lot has been going on since Jasper became a one-year-old. We've been so busy lately, we just haven't had time to post any new photos or tend to all the new videos we've taken of Jasper's shenanigans. Soon, however, things will settle down and we'll have time to share some funny videos with you and more regular posts. Why? Because we just bought a new house!

On April 11th, we put our current house up for sale and received an offer that very day! After a few negotiations, we reached mutual acceptance and ever since then, life has been very hectic. I had some work to do to the house to make the buyer happy and of course there was the small matter of finding a new house!

Well, after lots and lots of searching and a few disappointments along the way, we have a new, much larger house waiting for us in North Edmonds! We move next Thursday, which is great because we'll have all of Memorial weekend to get settled in.

That's the news. Now to share a few new-ish photos of Jasper...

Much like his father, Jasper is a big fan of  sweater vests. Socks, not so much.

I'm pretty sure this expression is Jasper's response to me saying, "No, no, you don't look girlie in that outfit at all..."

Happy Easter!

Rollin' with his homegirl, Brecken.

Elmo has been teaching Jasper how to brush his teeth. He loves brushing his teeth!

Jasper has become very helpful around the kitchen, especially with unloading the dishwasher.

Occasionally, we catch Jasper trying to cast a spell on his feet.

Trying to strike a "natural" pose, even though he totally knows the camera is on him.

"Hey Jasper, guess what? Our new house is twice the size of this one. You're going to have twice as many rooms to explore."


"You know what would be great right now, you guys? Some splashy time. Just sayin'."