Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Over a Week

Most of our local family is in Hawaii right now. I am trying not to think about it. Anyway, we celebrated Easter last Sunday and did a few fun Easter things this week. Here are some pictorial highlights...

Here is Jasper with two buddies, a duck one of his Great Grandmas gave him and a raccoon that his other Great Grandma gave him. I dont know how he knew that! Latey, he's been into sitting on this chair and chatting with "friends".

He got pretty giddy when the Easter treats came out. However, he didn't quite get the idea of the egg hunt. We helped him in the search.

A bath toy from mom and dad.
A car from Nana which was inside a pastel basket that she crocheted.
Tossing Easter basket grass was so fun!

I tried some natural dyes for our eggs, it was easier than I thought. This link will take to to the instructions from Better Homes and Gardens. Some turned out a little funky. My favorite was the blue from red cabbage. There is an egg missing because Jack snagged one before I could dye it.

Sadly, I forgot to have our guests take them home. A couple of one dollar felt baskets from Target helped us disperse some extra eggs to our neighbors. I told Jasper that we were going to go outside to deliver the eggs, but first I had to take pictures. This was a mistake, he really wanted to go outside and did not have time for the camera.

He recovered quickly.

Okay, last picture. Jasper had the chance to hang out with the Easter bunny, but he was just too shy. I took him to a play area and the bunny made a few quick appearances. Jasper chose to stay a safe distance inside a fire truck. Maybe next year buddy.

Happy Easter everyone! Happy Spring!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cabin Weekend

Back in February we were invited to Uncle Rick's family cabin in the mountains. We were prepared with snow gear for Jasper. Well mostly, he had to wear his rain boots. He didn't love walking in the snow, but he did enjoy sledding!

Come on grandma!
To the sledding hill!
Aunt Molly and I will take this snow mobile if we must...
Annabelle had fun too.
Jasper is excited about this bulldozer, but still unsure about his apparel.
Thank you Molly and Rick!