Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Lonely January Post

Is it the last day of January already? We have had a busy, busy month. We started taking Jasper to a Music Together class on Saturdays. He is quite the dancer! Being on Saturdays, it's something that Jack can be involved in. I started the Master Gardener program, so I am busy with class and homework. I have also been volunteering on an auction team for a fundraiser benefiting Jasper's school.

Jasper and I met Jack downtown for lunch on Monday. Showing our son Pike Place was exciting.

Dad and son in almost matching rain jackets. Jasper is sampling an apple from a produce stand.

Checking out the fish monger stand.

Jasper couldn't take his eyes off the pigeons, even when he was on the famous market pig.

Lunch at The Pike Brewery, so much to see!



Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year's Family Walk

(Posted by Jack)

It was a clear, crisp winter morning and the first day of a new year. A great day for a walk around the neighborhood!

First, since it was sunny out, we wanted to see if Jasper would be cool with wearing his sunglasses (he's been pretty hesitant in the past).

A while back our friends gave us this child-carrier backpack but this is the first time we've ever tried it. Jasper was very excited to see what we were up to.

They see me rollin'.

On such a gorgeous day it was great to be out getting some fresh air as a family. Annabelle did lots of sniffing. Jasper was very quiet most of the time, just taking it all in.

We didn't really know how much fun Jasper had until we got home and he wanted to keep his mittens and sunglasses on and kept trying to get back into the backpack.
I was happy to see that the pack was comfortable enough for longer journeys, and very happy to see how much Jasper enjoyed it!