Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day in Seattle

Jasper had his first taste of snow...

And had a chance to see what older kids do on snow days.

We bundled up and headed to the grocery store on foot. I wanted Jasper to have a chance to take in the winter wonderland. He was given the cutest bear paw mittens and fleece boots!  It was a memorable January day.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jasper James is Nine Months Old

Can't believe it's been nine months already!

Jasper has been loving bath time. Over the holidays, we put him in the tub for the first time and he had a blast. No more sink for this guy!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a New Year

I remember going to sleep early last New Year's eve, we had returned from a trip to Michigan and I was one tired pregnant woman. Someone in our neighborhood let off fireworks at midnight and as I woke up at that moment, I quietly welcomed my baby to his year.

And now we say farewell to 2011. How fast the year has gone by.

I get the impression that Jasper has resolved to party more in 2012. Here he is with one of his favorite toys, our boombox:

He had a great Christmas and received many wonderful gifts.

Like last year, we had recently returned from a trip to Michigan. Jack and I spent the day cleaning, relaxing, and trying to get used to Pacific time again. Jasper played and napped and made us laugh, nothing new for him.

Meal planning and grocery shopping were on my agenda and I had it in my head that I should roast a chicken. We were going to have a low key New Year's, but I wanted to make it a little special and roasting something sounded just right. I hopped on Pinterest to search for a recipe. (If you haven't discovered Pinterest, you should take a look. Be careful though, it's addicting.) I found a simple recipe that only uses the thigh and leg pieces and includes vegetables. This fit the bill, I'd use one pan and we wouldn't have to worry about carving a bird. I picked up some brie and decent bread, we had a bottle of wine left over from Christmas; the plan was coming together.

This meal was SO delicious! It makes me want to roast more often. It also makes me want to use leeks more often.  And another often, I should read this recipe author's blog often.


Jasper oversaw some of the roasting.

Jack plated everything up as I put Jasper down for the night. Jack and I finished watching the first season of "the Good Wife" on DVD. It was niiiice.

The baby didn't fall asleep right away, he was very chatty for about 20 minutes before konking out.We checked him on the baby monitor as he wound down. Before long, he looked like a little superhero in dreamland.

Happy New Year to all!