Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween with Buddies

This Halloween my little pirate went trick-or-treating with a classmate and his older brother. It was quite fun and now my feet hurt. Here are some pictures.


Jasper really likes older kids, so it's totally cool that Ilan is playing with his sword.

The dinosaur, lion, and pirate line up...

Jasper didn't eat any candy, but just before bed we let him watch a little bit of the Peanuts special, "The Great Pumpkin". (Maybe next year he will be Linus...)

Dad joined him.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Celebrate Autumn

There is a little farm and pumpkin patch very close to our new home and we paid a visit this past Saturday. They are only open during October, so there was much anticipation and the farm did not disappoint. Get ready for a picture heavy post...

Jasper is ready to go (I talked him out of bringing the airplane and guitar).

Tractor happiness!

Jasper was a little scared of the animals at first.



And he's off!

He kept coming back to the chickens. I must say, this is one good looking rooster.

These pigs crowded for the camera, such hams! (Yuck, yuck, yuck).

Day-old piglets, awwwww.

Bowing sunflowers.

Gourds were everywhere. I loved the garden section.

Jasper really liked the tiny horse.

The hay free-for-all may have been Jasper's favorite, he loved seeing the older kids play and he even threw some hay himself.


Finally, the pumpkin patch!

Sooooo many pumpkins...
At this point, it was almost naptime for our little pumpkin. We had a wonderful time and we may even be back before the month is over.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Busy Boy

Jasper and I are getting over a cold. We've been staying home more than usual, but Jasper has been busy as ever.

Making sure we feed Annabelle. This is how Jasper reminded us to feed the dog the other night.

He likes to help with that too.

Jasper loves Annabelle...

Running through pom poms. Jasper has had a great time with these colorful little things. I had to take some pictures when one got stuck in his hair.

Here is my little man getting used to using a fork.