Thursday, July 14, 2011

Housecleaning on the Intertubes and Jasper's First "Hike"

Good morning citizens!

I thought I'd update you on some current changes to our online photo and video sharing.

Videos: I recently realized Flickr has a 1 minute 30 second limit on videos uploaded to their site, so unbeknownst to us, Flickr has been clipping anything after the 1:30 mark. Unfortunately, I found this out long after we'd uploaded a whopping 40 videos.

We now have a YouTube channel where we'll be uploading videos from here on out.You'll notice there is now a link over there on the right.

Visit our channel to see Jasper's First "Walk" in the Woods.

Photos: All you really need to know is that we're moving all of our online photos from Flickr to Picasa (soon to be known simply as Google Photos). The link to the right has been updated to navigate to the correct site. Note: It will take me some time to fully migrate all of our photo albums over.

Why the switch? Many reasons, really, but it all started with Google+ (G+) showing up on the scene. For those who don't already know, G+ is Google's latest attempt at getting into the social networking scene and this time it appears as though it's going to work out quite well for them. In a nutshell, G+ is a lot like Facebook, but seems to be a better tool for the individual (sorry folks, no Farmville). Oh, and if you have a G+ profile all photo uploads under 2048 x 2048 pixels are free. We've been paying $25 per year on Flickr.

Since I already have my email, calendars, this blog, and my web reader on Google, and since YouTube is now owned by Google, it only made sense to move my photos under the Google umbrella. And with the Picasa photo editor and organizer, I can easily and automatically sync our photos between our computer, our online albums, and my G+ profile. Voila!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Late Father's Day Post and Jasper is 3 Months Old

I have been meaning to post about Father's Day, but I have not quite had the chance. Jasper and I went and had professional photos taken for Jack's gift. I'll include a few at the end of this post. Jack had wanted to see the filmed production of Stephen Sondheim's Company. It was only playing for two more days once we had heard of it, so we attended the Father's Day performance. Karen and Molly we nice enough to babysit for us.

Here are a few pictures of Jasper and his dad.

We can carry him facing forward now, yay!

Jasper looks like he is doing a Mickey Mouse impression in the next picture. We had met Jack on his walk home from the bus. Jack carried Jasper home with his earphones still around his neck. 

And now for the professional pictures...

Grumpy face!

Jasper is now three months old!