Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Apple Today

Jasper has a little "kitchen station" against the sink. He stands on a chair and plays with toys or mom-selected kitchen tools while I do various things next to him. Today I was peeling and chopping apples from our tree(!) for this recipe. I had given Jasper a few pieces, but he indicated that he wanted an entire apple. He ate about three quarters of it. Eventually. Now, if I can just get him to lend a hand with the dishes.

Monday, September 24, 2012

With Both Feet

If you combine cornmeal, a roasting pan, some cups, a sheet, and Jasper, you get this!

(I love the little footprint below.)
I found this idea and many more on a website called Productive Parenting.

They have all sorts of activities for newborns through age five. The ideas require minimal materials and little prep time. I love it!

After waking from his nap, Jasper was very snuggly with me. He pointed to his socks on the floor. "Do you want to put these on?" I asked. "Ya," he said. I put the socks on him and then asked, "Should we put on your pants?" He shook his head no. I waited and asked him again a few times and the answer was always no. We didn't have any grand plans, so the second half of the day was no pants. For Jasper, I continued to wear pants.



Saturday, September 22, 2012

Family Fun Morning

Our pre-school sponsored a Family Fun Event today. We didn't get to all of the activities, but Jasper still had a great time.

He took a little while to wake up and get into the festivities. Jasper was not sure about the parachute activity. He decided to stand aside and watch.

He was more of a tunnel guy. In fact, he met a little lady in one of the tunnels.
We visited with his teacher a bit, tried out the hula hoops, and listened to a live band playing kids music. Sadly, I was not able to get any pictures of Jasper showing off his dance moves. However, on the way out we made up our own activity and I was able to capture it.
More quality balloon time...
On our way out of town we were treated to quite a sight.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Highlights from the Weekend

A few images from this weekend.

We are having an extended summer and that's good for Jasper. He finally showed some interest in a spray park. Actually, he enthusiastically got soaked. After about twenty minutes he was shivering, but still protested when it was time to go home. I didn't know that this park had a water feature, so I only had a change of clothes, no towel. Luckily the car was pretty toasty when we returned.

A Sunday breakfast with my Seahawk fans.

Another day, another park.

Jasper gives the rock wall a try with a little help from mon and dad.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Play date

We hosted our first play date this morning. It was so much fun, here are some highlights.

Jasper wanted to make sure this mother knew how to operate a book.
Miss K thought she would turn Jasper's airplane toy into a chair.
I just love her shoes...and cheeks!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Day

Today was our first day of our Explorers class. Jasper and I are participating in a co-op preschool and will be going to this class once a week. It's a chance for him to interact with other kids and adults and I am in for a little education too.

The nerdy dog shirt seemed appropriate for this first day...

Playtime, Jasper was a little blur much of the time.

I must admit, I put that baby in the cart.

Snack time. Teacher Jessica is in the upper left corner, she is really great.

Here is a little more about the school from the website in case your are interested:

What is a Cooperative Preschool?
Cooperative preschools provide members with their first formal opportunity to become involved in their children’s education. With the guidance and support of a skilled educator, parents and guardians can learn effective ways of dealing with their children. Children learn best by freely interacting with people and things in their environment. The richer the environment, the more opportunities there are for learning.

Each class includes parent education which is a key component of co-op preschools and helps us learn and grow as parents. Our Co-op is affiliated with Shoreline Community College and enrolled parents actually receive college credits for the parent education they receive.

We are already looking forward to next week!

We had a very happy morning, but I am also keeping the tradgedy of September 11th in mind as I go through the day. Our local NPR station had a wonderful segment on religious tolerance with the Interfaith Amigos,

And I am reminded of the book I keep meaning to order, "14 Cows for America" - a children's book about 9/11. I cannot imagine explaining this day to Jasper, but someday I will with the hope that he will contribute to making the world a more peaceful, tolerant place.