Saturday, December 6, 2014

Such a Full Day

We had nothing scheduled on Friday, but it turned out to be an eventful day. The morning was relatively peaceful. Jasper looked at a puzzle book while I fed Joe. I noticed he had it open to a space-themed page. Out of nowhere he said, "The sun is a star." I said that was right, but I was a little shocked and asked if Daddy had told him that. "No," he replied, "I watched Dinosaur Train and the conductor told me that."

I'll take it!

Later, the boys had a bath.

After the bath, Jasper wanted to pretend that Joe was an adult boy and he was an adult girl and they were going to get married. I helped Jasper make a dress with his white towel. I guess Joe's Seahawks shirt was acceptable. I was told to speak into a microphone which he decided was the baby boppie. Jasper had a huge smile through the entire 30 second ceremony. This was the best picture I could get.

Jasper's imagination has really been on a roll lately. Sometime in the summer he started talking about how strong and fast his "robot muscles" are. At times he describes himself as being "spit-powered," as I cringe. I'm invited into the action occasionally as I'm called upon to "activate car powers" while driving. And there is a new superhero on the scene--Jasper sometimes refers to himself as "Rescue Center Jasper." It is no coincidence that the Island of Sodor (Thomas the Train) has a Search and Rescue Center.

Jasper calls our vacuum his "water mine" and he loves to point to the tubes and attachments while explaining where he used to do this with the pipes near the toilet, so the vacuum is a welcome replacement.

Construction trucks smoothing out roads is a major theme. This morning he was playing with his trucks as I crossed the room with a piece of paper. "Mom, I have to sign off on this road repair," he said. I thought it was so funny, I let him have a pencil and sign away.

As the end of the day approached, it was Joe's turn. He walked for the first time! Twice to Jack and once to me. It was very exciting and we are so proud of him.
Go Joe go!

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